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The VR Meetings 2016 24.11.16

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III. Transmedia
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The VR Meetings 2016 Brokerage is a fantastic opportunity to connect with key stakeholders in the VR industry and learn about the present and the future of VR.

2016 is all about Virtual Reality. As one of the most impressive technological developments of the decade, VR, including Augmented Reality, has steadily grown into a successful and thriving industry that is on the precipice of entering the mass consumer market. With over 100 participants expected and a high international presence this Virtual Reality event aims at bringing together stakeholders from all backgrounds, from R&D and start-ups working on new developments in the industry to stakeholders from various sectors looking for new solutions and opportunities. The event is organised during the Regional Research and Innovation Week


  • Latest trends in Virtual Reality, including in the gaming, the mobility, the audio-visual and the health sectors
  • Short, sharp 20 minute meetings to foster effective networking with business and technology partners
  • Get to know key R&D stakeholders offering services to companies
  • Discover unique state of the art equipment to test and adapt your innovations

Why participate?

  • Doing Business – Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations with stakeholders that are interested in promoting, buying or selling a VR technology-focused product or service
  • Innovating – present, discuss and develop new projects with key R&D partners
  • Learning – The event is a perfect opportunity to learn about the applications of Virtual Reality in multiple industries.
  • Location – the city of Lille is a leading technology hub in France and has a VR eco-system composed of technology companies, content developers, as well as R&D key stakeholders and state-of-the-art VR equipment. It’s a well-connected city located 30 minutes from Brussels, an hour from Paris and hour and a half from London.

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III. Transmedia


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